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Upgraded to Drupal 6

I upgraded the site to Drupal 6.3 today. I lagged a little behind but I was waiting for all my modules to be at least development releases and preferred that a majority be stable releases. So far the only one I've had trouble with is my Flickr module which was at alpha1 when I installed it. Hopefully I can get it back up and running soon. I rather enjoyed it.

One feature I know I will enjoy, hope works out and stops some comment spam I've had to administer, and I hope the occasional commenter I have will enjoy is the addition of a CAPTCHA module. Comments can now be posted without my administrative approval (the way I had set it up previously). So it should allow more direct feedback to those who post comments.

Cheers! I love Drupal, and the new release rocks my socks off even more. Keep on rockin' in the free/libre world :)


Houston... we have liftoff.

Cool page, interesting content. You need to post more so you can get more traffic, in my opinion. :)

I ran across a fun module for Drupal the other day on Slashdot called "Misery".

Anyways, just dropping by to say what's up. By the way, this is Ben C. from teh homeville.

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Hey man! Yeah, my co-workers give me grief about the infrequency of my updates as well. You've got a point because when I do put a decent amount of effort into my articles, like the Exchange Web Service ones, I get a lot of traffic. Those 3-4 articles are 90% of the visits to my site :)

Guess I gotta take a break from swaggin' in real life to lend a little bit of that to the internet, eh? Thanks for the comment and the greeting. Cheers!