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Wubi - It works. It's easy. It's Ubuntu Linux.

I am a big Ubuntu fanboy. The Ubuntu (and other *buntu flavors) developers really got the distribution right. I have 3-4 different Ubuntu-related RSS feeds in my reader. One of them told me about Issue 8 of Full Circle Magazine, a free Ubuntu magazine. Inside there was an article on an interesting new project, Wubi, an Ubuntu installer for Windows.




Warr? NO WAI! It's true, the project is an installer which creates a very large file 4-20GB or so that serves as the base for your Ubuntu installation. There's no partitioning and nothing invasive to your comfy little Windows home at all. You download an .exe installer, fill out all the details of your installation, "click the Next button" and away you go.
It adds Ubuntu to the Windows boot menu and lets you choose between Windows and your new Ubuntu installation (defaults to Windows). From there on out you boot into Linux and it's just as if you would have gone through all the work of partitioning, etc.


Here's all the magic which makes Wubi possible. The guide says that when you wish to uninstall Wubi just boot into Windows and remove it using Add/Remove Programs just like you would any other piece of software (I haven't confirmed this yet, as I have not uninstalled Wubi yet I did a test of this on my box the other day. Uninstallation works as advertised).


This is an excellent way to lower the barrier of entry to Linux for Windows users. No need to hassle with the slowness of a Live CD, or the configuration of a virtual machine -- Wubi rules.
(Here's small screenshot of my success. However, it basically just looks like any other initial Kubuntu screenshot.)


Kubuntu Linux installed via Wubi


TO uninstall Wubi.. all u need to do is to go to Add/ Remove programs .. select Wubi it will uninstall Wubi.. yes it works.
but i don't see any reason why any1 would like to do it.

Also try to add new features in wubi .. look on net for Advanced features such as rotating cube and some other cool features.. will soon try to find a link for it

In your terminal just type it and put in the password which you use to login on your machine.
sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

and see some cool features that ubuntu has too offer its a shame majority of the population will never learn the power of Linux. Apart from it you are not bothered of viruses as linux code isfar greater and better than windows XP, vista.check the link below for online tutorial.

Thanks for this its really helped me out I had loads of issues when trying to uninstal

Jill xx

To have a thorough understanding, you might want several linux online manuals. They are available for download at Search our large database for PDF files and preview them before downloading.